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Flat silk weft represents a distinct type of hair extension crafted by delicately sewing strands onto a slender, flat strip of silk material. Unlike conventional weft extensions, which typically involve sewing hair onto a thicker, braided track, flat silk wefts distinguish themselves with a thinner, flatter profile. This characteristic not only enhances comfort but also renders them less conspicuous when integrated into your hair.

One noteworthy advantage of flat silk weft extensions lies in their exceptional lightness and flexibility. Their slender nature allows for easy styling and seamless blending with your natural hair. Furthermore, the reduced weight and bulkiness make them less likely to cause damage compared to traditional weft extensions.

Customization is another forte of flat silk weft extensions. The thin and flexible silk material can be effortlessly cut and shaped to match your head’s contours, resulting in a flawless and natural appearance.

In summary, if you seek a hair extension option that prioritizes comfort, lightness, and a natural look, flat silk weft extensions should unquestionably be on your radar.

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Material: 100% Virgin Human Hair

Hair Length: 8 Inches - 32 Inches

Weight:100 Grams/Piece | 1 Piece/Pack

Bundle Width: Free Cut

Lifespan: Maintains health for 6 to 12 months

Texture: Straight but can hold a curl or wave (using heat styling tools)

Recommendation: We highly recommend purchasing 100g-150g of hair for a full, thick hairstyle.

Extended Lifespan

Sourced ethically, the 100% virgin human hair ensures a longer lifespan, capable of lasting a full year with proper care.

Natural Look and Feel

The flat silk weft seamlessly lies flat against the head, providing a natural appearance and feel that surpasses other types of hair extensions in invisibility

Cutting Freedom

The weft's adaptability allows it to be cut and shaped to perfection, enabling you to achieve a result that is not only seamless but also completely natural-looking

Comfort Personified

Crafted from soft and smooth silk material, the weft guarantees comfort during extended wear, ensuring a pleasant experience for the wearer

Effortless Maintenance

Installation and removal are hassle-free, and the weft can be washed and styled just like natural hair, simplifying the maintenance process for the user.


Sew In

Part your hair.

Create a tightly braided braid.

Measure and cut the hair extensions.

Attach the ends using a needle and thread.

Clip In

Sew clips on the cut weft.

Create a horizontal part.

Clip the weft to your own hair.

Micro Weft

Create a horizontal part.

Measure and cut the weft.

Place a micro ring on the needle.

Grasp your hair and hair extensions with the hook.

Squeeze the micro ring firmly with the pliers.

Glue In

Part your hair.

Measure and cut the weft.

Apply glue on the upper edge of the weft along your natural hair closest to the scalp.

Press it until the glue is dried.

Care Instructions:

Wash your hair infrequently using a mild shampoo and conditioner designed for hair extensions, avoiding the wefted area.

Use heat styling tools sparingly, with a heat protectant spray to prevent damage.

Avoid sleeping with wet hair, and consider a satin bonnet or pillowcase to minimize tangling.

Refrain from using harsh chemicals or treatments on the extensions.

Regular maintenance with a professional stylist is crucial for extension longevity and a natural look.

Shipping & Returns:

Return Policy:

Our 7-Day Return policy allows you to wash, condition, and brush the hair to your satisfaction. Not satisfied? Send it back for a refund or exchange. [Read Our Return Policy](link to return policy).

Shipping Information:

All Ouxun Hair orders are shipped from our headquarters in Guangzhou City, China. Orders placed before 6pm PST Monday-Friday are shipped the same day. Exceptions may include shipping errors, fraudulent warnings, holidays, weekends, or technical errors. You will receive real-time tracking numbers with delivery confirmation once your order ships.

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