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At Ouxun Hair, we're dedicated to our wholesale customers and end-users. We provide top-quality hair systems and hair extensions that fit comfortably and leave users looking fantastic. Our team excels in crafting these systems, staying updated with the latest techniques and trends. We're driven by customer satisfaction and constantly strive for excellence.

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Founded in 2009, Ouxun Hair stands as a premier hair manufacturer catering to both the hair loss and fashion sectors. Our extensive product line encompasses Custom & Stock hair extensions, women's hair toppers, Jewish wigs, medical wigs, lace/silk/mono top wigs, and men's toupees. We serve a diverse clientele ranging from wholesalers, online store proprietors, and salon operators to hair stylists and distributors.

With over a decade of experience in the realm of export trade, our reach spans across Europe, America, and the Middle East. We proudly collaborate with numerous renowned brands and esteemed salons. Backed by a state-of-the-art 3,000㎡ contemporary factory and a dedicated workforce of over 100 professionals, coupled with hair knotting ventilation R&D and meticulous quality control, we proudly stand as your premier hair manufacturer.

We extend a warm invitation to you to choose Ouxun Hair as your partner to not only expand your market presence but also elevate your profitability to new heights.


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A Glimpse into Our Hairpiece Factory
In the dynamic world of hair systems and wigs and hair extensions, our Hairpiece Factory stands tall as a beacon of quality and reliability. As one of the industry's foremost manufacturers, we boast a sprawling 2000 m² facility, employing a dedicated team of over 100 skilled craftspeople. Armed with cutting-edge equipment and a commitment to excellence, we have achieved a remarkable production capacity, churning out over 10,000 hair systems each month.


International Reach and Respect
We value our international clients, recognizing the importance of effective communication, regardless of time zones or locations. With our dedicated staff, you can expect efficient order processing and expert guidance in selecting the perfect hair systems. Our expert inspection team ensures quality consistency, cementing your brand's reputation for excellence over time.


Meeting Diverse Demands
Our ability to meet diverse client needs is our hallmark. Each hairpiece we create undergoes a rigorous series of quality control measures, encompassing six rounds of inspections throughout the production process. This ensures that every hair system we produce adheres to the highest industry standards, instilling confidence in our clients who rely on us for consistent quality.

Comprehensive Solutions
Our commitment to excellence extends to our in-house hair service studio, where professional hairstylists provide comprehensive toupee services. Transparency among our departments ensures a seamless experience for our customers, from pre-sale inquiries to post-sale support.


Efficient Warehousing
Our extensive warehouse stocks more than 70,000 hair systems in over 60 different models and more than 50 colors, ready for immediate shipment. We offer a wide range of hair system designs and hair extensions methods for your customers, including lace, skin, and mono toupees for men, as well as full cap wigs, hair toppers, hair integrations, and hair extensions for women. Moreover, we provide various accessories, including tapes, color rings, hair volume charts, hair density charts, and mannequins to assist in your business operations, all available for delivery within 3-5 business days.


A Unified Team
With a team of over 100 members, we view ourselves as a closely-knit family. In our cooperative and synergistic environment, we prioritize a friendly, supportive atmosphere that fosters personal and professional growth. Our shared belief is that a positive and joyful work environment is essential for a thriving business.Ouxun is not just a manufacturing facility; it's a hub of innovation, quality, and unwavering commitment to our clients' success. With a decade of experience, a global perspective, and a dedication to excellence, we stand ready to partner with you in the ever-evolving world of hair systems and wigs. At Ouxun Hair, our goal is to help your business succeed, and we do it with passion and professionalism.


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