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  • Elevate your salon or hair business with Ouxun Hair's Wholesale U-Tip Extensions—an epitome of pre-bonded hair luxury. Tailored for salon owners, hair stylists, wholesalers, online sellers, retailers, and more, these extensions redefine excellence in the world of hair extensions. Each strand is meticulously bonded using keratin glue, providing a seamless integration that meets the high standards of discerning professionals.
  • Navigating through the terminology of pre-bonded extensions can be overwhelming, with names like keratin pre-bonded extensions, fusion bond hair extensions, and bonded extensions being used interchangeably. U-Tips, also known as Nai Tips, boast a distinctive "U" shape at the top of the strand, setting them apart from other types such as flat tips. This unique feature ensures easy recognition, streamlining the application process for salon professionals.
  • Unlock the potential for transformative hair experiences with Ouxun Hair's U-Tip Extensions. Whether you are a salon owner, stylist, wholesaler, or online seller, our wholesale U-Tip Extensions stand out as a hallmark of quality and innovation. Embrace the unmistakable excellence of U-Tip extensions, brought to you directly from our esteemed factory. Redefine your clientele's hair journey with the premium touch of Ouxun Hair.

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Q1: What are U-Tip Hair Extensions?

A1: U-Tip Hair Extensions, also known as Nai Tips, are pre-bonded hair extensions where individual strands are bonded using keratin glue. They feature a distinctive "U" shape at the top for easy recognition.

Q2: Who are U-Tip Extensions suitable for?

A2: U-Tip Extensions are ideal for salon owners, hair stylists, hair business owners, wholesalers, online sellers, and retailers seeking premium-quality pre-bonded extensions.

Q3: How are U-Tip Extensions applied?

A3: These extensions are applied using a fusion method where the keratin glue at the U-tip is melted and bonded to the natural hair. This provides a seamless and discreet integration.

Q4: What makes U-Tips different from other pre-bonded extensions?

A4: U-Tips stand out due to their unique "U" shape at the top of the strand, making them easily recognizable against other types, such as flat tips.

Q5: Are U-Tip Extensions customizable?

A5: Yes, U-Tip Extensions are super customizable. They can be cut to any size, making them versatile for lengthening, thickening, and adding variations of color to natural hair.

Q6: How long do U-Tip Extensions last?

A6: On average, U-Tip Extensions can be kept in for 3-5 months. They can also be reapplied one to three times by replacing the keratin tips.

Q7: What type of hair is used in Ouxun Hair's U-Tip Extensions?

A7: Ouxun Hair's U-Tip Extensions are made of 100% Remy human hair, ensuring a luxurious thickness from root to tip.

Q8: Can U-Tip Extensions be used for different styles?

A8: Yes, the installation method of U-Tip Extensions is perfect for all styles, whether clients choose to wear their hair up or down. There are limitless color combinations and various lengths available.

Q9: How can I purchase Ouxun Hair's Wholesale U-Tip Extensions?

A9: You can directly contact Ouxun Hair for wholesale inquiries or connect with authorized distributors. Visit our website or contact our sales team for more information.

Q10: Are U-Tip Extensions suitable for thin or fine hair?

A10: Yes, U-Tip Extensions are an excellent choice for those with thin or fine hair due to their discreet bonding method, providing a seamless blend with natural hair.

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