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We Are in the Inventory Business So You Don’t Have to Be Wait

As a leading hair supplier in China since 2010, Ouxun Hair has earned its reputation for its high quality and strong supply capacity.

With our extensive experience in the hair care industry and collaboration with numerous wholesalers, online sellers,retailers, salons and stylists, we proudly offer a comprehensive range of hair products to meet different customer needs.

At Ouxun Hair, we understand the importance of offering both in-stock and custom options to suit personal preferences. With the advantage of our two well-equipped factories, we have strong supply capabilities, ensuring timely delivery and efficient service. We recognize that managing inventory can be an important issue for businesses. Investing in too much inventory can divert resources away from important areas such as sales, product development, employee motivation, and strategic acquisitions.

As an inventory-focused business, we are committed to taking on this responsibility for our customers. By maintaining a large inventory of over 70,000 pcs popular hair systems, wigs and full range of hair extensions at our facility, we aim to reduce lead times and ensure a seamless buying experience. Whether you're a first-time buyer or a returning customer, you can rely on us to minimize wait times and expedite your order in just days.
Choose Ouxun Hair as your trusted partner and let us handle the inventory while you focus on growing your hair business and taking it to new heights.

Feel the Quality of Our Hair System and Hair Extensions

Try Them On

The most effective method to assess hair system and hair extensions quality  is by wearing them to gauge their comfort and feel. While some lashes may appear visually appealing, it's essential to consider their comfort level. Take the time to assess the hair quality, including the band and lash density, to accurately determine their overall quality.

See the crochet precision

Examine the meticulous crochet work on the simulated scalp of hairpieces and wigs. A well-executed crochet technique will thread hair through each eyelet, resulting in a more natural appearance. Conversely, if only a few hairs are hooked through four or five eyelets, it will appear sparse. To visualize this difference, please refer to the accompanying image.

Our array of solutions can be customized to suit the unique requirements of your hair replacement and hair extensions business. Our goal is to enhance and streamline your supply chain, giving you a competitive edge.Feel free to utilize our solution finder below to discover the perfect fit for your business.

Guide For Wholesaler and Distributor

Highly Competitive Wholesale Rates

Ouxun Hair is pleased to offer unbeatable discounted rates for hair systems to clients who make bulk orders. With our exceptionally competitive wholesale prices, you can not only stay ahead of the competition but also boost your revenue significantly.

Special Incentives for Sample Orders

We understand the importance of trying out our hair systems before making a substantial commitment. That's why we extend a generous discount for your first sample order, even if it's just a single piece. This provides you with a cost-effective way to experience the quality of our products with zero risk.

Unwavering Commitment to Quality

Quality is the cornerstone of our operations. We have a meticulous quality inspection system in place, ensuring consistent excellence throughout our production processes. By offering our products to your customers, you'll build a strong reputation for your brand, paving the way for business growth.

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Co-Marketing Opportunities

Collaborative marketing efforts and promotions can be explored to mutually benefit both Ouxun Hair and our partners.

Tailored Customization Service

In our commitment to helping you stand out from the competition, we offer an exclusive customization service. We can develop and tailor new hair system models to align with your customers' unique needs and preferences, ensuring a distinct edge in the market.

Extensive Stock Availability

Our warehouse boasts an extensive inventory of over 70,000 hair system pieces, featuring various base designs like lace, skin, and mono. Moreover, we offer a diverse selection of over 60 hair colors, all ready for immediate dispatch to meet your bulk order requirements.

Guide For Online Sellers

Competitive Pricing and Margins

Ouxun Hair provides online sellers with competitive pricing, ensuring healthy profit margins for their businesses.

Bulk Order Discounts

We offer exclusive discounts for bulk orders, encouraging online sellers to purchase larger quantities and save on costs.

Sample Orders with Benefits

Online sellers can benefit from special incentives on sample orders, allowing them to showcase the quality of our products to potential customers with minimal financial risk.

Extensive Product Range

Ouxun Hair offers a wide variety of hairpieces and hair systems, including diverse base designs, hair types, and color options, catering to a broad customer base.

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Customization Services

We provide exclusive customization services, enabling online sellers to offer unique products tailored to their customers' preferences and needs.

Dropshipping Solution

Our global dropshipping solution is designed to accelerate your business growth. Regardless of your customers' geographical locations, we handle the direct shipment of orders to their doorstep. This relieves you of the burden associated with significant upfront investments, inventory management, fulfillment, and shipping logistics.

Guide For Online Sellers for Hair Stylist or Salon Owner

Expert Tailored Customization Service

We specialize in customizing every aspect of your hair systems to align precisely with your customers' preferences and requirements. When you encounter customers with highly specific requests for their hair systems and hair extensions, rest assured that Ouxun Hair is here to fulfill their unique needs.

Exclusive Business Launch Bundles

We've curated highly practical business launch bundles to jumpstart your venture with efficiency and excellence. Our comprehensive packages encompass all the essentials required to establish a thriving business from its inception.

Complimentary Hair System Trial

Ouxun Hair extends an exclusive opportunity to hairstylists and salons to request a complimentary hair system trial. Experience the quality of our hair systems firsthand. Availability is limited, so don't hesitate to get in touch with us!

Trend Insights and Product Updates

We keep Hair Stylists and Salon Owners informed about new product releases and industry trends to help them stay competitive and innovative.

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Educational Resources

Ouxun Hair provides training materials and product knowledge to empower Hair Stylists and Salon Owners with the expertise needed to serve their clients effectively.

Diverse Product Range

Our extensive product range includes various base designs, hair types, and colors, ensuring that Hair Stylists and Salon Owners can offer a wide selection to their client

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