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  • Embark on a journey of hair transformation with Ouxun Hair's Wholesale I-Tip Hair Extensions, renowned for their unique "I" shape at the top of each strand. These extensions, also known as Stick Tips or Mini/Micro Tips, are meticulously crafted to cater to the discerning needs of your hair business, hair brands, hair wholesalers, salon owners, and hairstylists.
  • The application of I-Tip extensions involves fixing micro-rings in place using a pulling loop and securing them with specialized extensionist pliers. This method ensures a seamless integration with the natural hair, providing a discreet and comfortable experience for clients.
  • Elevate your offerings with Ouxun Hair's premium-quality I-Tip extensions, directly sourced from our esteemed factory. Whether you are a salon owner, hairstylist, or part of the thriving hair industry, our I-Tip extensions stand as a testament to innovation and excellence in the realm of hair extensions. Redefine your clientele's hair experience with the unparalleled quality of Ouxun Hair.

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Q1: What are I-Tip Hair Extensions?

A1: I-Tip Hair Extensions, also known as Stick Tips or Mini/Micro Tips, feature a unique "I" shape at the top of each strand. They are applied using micro-rings, providing a discreet and secure attachment.

Q2: Who are I-Tip Extensions suitable for?

A2: I-Tip Extensions are ideal for hair businesses, hair brands, hair wholesalers, salon owners, and hairstylists looking to offer premium-quality extensions.

Q3: How are I-Tip Extensions applied?

A3: I-Tip Extensions are applied by fixing micro-rings in place with a pulling loop and securing them using special extensionist pliers. This method ensures a seamless blend with natural hair.

Q4: What makes I-Tip Extensions unique?

A4: The distinctive "I" shape at the top of each strand sets I-Tip Extensions apart, making them easily recognizable. They are also known for their secure attachment and comfort.

Q5: Can I-Tip Extensions be reused?

A5: I-Tip Extensions can be reused with proper care. The micro-rings can be removed and replaced during maintenance appointments.

Q6: How long do I-Tip Extensions last?

A6: On average, I-Tip Extensions can last for several months, depending on care and maintenance. Regular maintenance appointments may extend their lifespan.

Q7: Is the application process for I-Tip Extensions time-consuming?

A7: The application of I-Tip Extensions is efficient, and the process can vary based on the desired volume and length. An experienced stylist can provide a more accurate time estimate.

Q8: Can I-Tip Extensions be styled like natural hair?

A8: Yes, I-Tip Extensions can be styled just like natural hair. They can be curled, straightened, and treated with care like the rest of your hair.

Q9: How can I purchase Ouxun Hair's Wholesale I-Tip Extensions?

A9: For wholesale inquiries, you can directly contact Ouxun Hair or connect with authorized distributors. Visit our website or reach out to our sales team for more information.

Q10: Are I-Tip Extensions suitable for all hair types?

A10: Yes, I-Tip Extensions are versatile and suitable for various hair types. They provide a discreet and natural-looking enhancement for a wide range of clients.

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