Low MOQ Services

Breaking Down Market Entry Barriers

In conjunction with its low MOQ manufacturing, Ouxun Hair is a turnkey company providing a comprehensive solution. It boasts a ready-made selection of high-quality standard hair products, including hair toppers, men's toupees, wigs, and hair extensions, all thoughtfully paired with eye-catching packaging. This complete package expedites a brand's entry into the market with ease and excellence.

MOQ for Hair Systems and Wigs

MOQ for Hair Systems and Wigs

We maintain abundant stock for men's and women's hair systems with a low MOQ of just 1 piece, complete with installation tools and remover kits to kickstart your business and assess quality. To cater to a diverse market, we recommend selecting various hair shades. Our wholesale prices are quantity-based, and for consistent color matching, we advise ordering color swatch kits for both men and women, accounting for potential color variations from different factories.

MOQ for Hair Extensions

MOQ for Hair Extensions

The initial Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) for Hair Extensions is set at 100 grams, allowing customers to evaluate hair ratio and quality within their market. Subsequently, we provide varying wholesale prices based on weight, with wholesale discounts kicking in for orders starting at 1 kilogram per unit.

Quick Private Labels

Quick Private Labels

Labels come with a lower Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ), providing you with greater flexibility for adjustments in the future. Additionally, we offer quick and efficient customization of packaging. If you require private labeling, please send us your high-quality LOGO design, and we will assist you in creating the packaging that suits your brand's identity.


MOQ for Custom Order

When placing custom orders for hair systems and wigs, we offer a minimum order quantity (MOQ) of just 1 unit, and for hair extensions, the MOQ is 100 grams. You have the freedom to select multiple shades to test in your market, along with different lengths and sizes. To ensure precise color matching from the beginning, it's advisable to opt for our color swatch options.

To Mega Brands and Wholesale Distributors:

Unlock Your New Product Line with Minimal MOQ

This approach allows brands to explore new opportunities with reduced financial risk while expanding market diversity and fostering innovation. It's a win-win strategy for both suppliers and businesses looking to grow.

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