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Quality Control

We have set rigorous quality control standards for our hair materials.

Over time, Ouxun Hair has developed a comprehensive set of strict grading criteria tailored to individual aptitudes. Based on factors like hair color and quality, the sourced hair is categorized into 20 distinct grades. This meticulous grading system ensures that each strand of hair can realize its full potential, delivering elegance and beauty to consumers. Here are some fundamental hair types:

Sourcing and Selection Process

Our hair is primarily sourced from the southern regions of Europe and Mongolia, China ,India and so on although the specific regions may vary depending on the range. We prioritize acquiring unprocessed human hair braids from individuals who willingly choose to donate their hair. To ensure fair compensation, we pay at or above market value for these donations.

Upon arrival at our factory, every strand of hair is carefully examined to verify that it is still braided. This step allows us to guarantee the quality of the hair and ensures that the cuticles remain aligned. Our dedicated team conducts individual inspections on each braid to ensure that the hair is clean, strong, and meets our stringent quality specifications. Only the finest braids that are free from any processing or color treatments are selected to be used in the production of our premium hair extensions.

Diverse Range of Colors and Textures to Choose From

We take pride in providing the most authentic hues and color blends within the premium human hair sector. Whether you seek a single, seamless shade, expertly blended colors, or vibrant highlights, you'll find your desired color among our extensive range of application options. Additionally, we offer a diverse selection of textures to cater to your specific preferences and requirements.

hair bulk material
hair material



Our hair is harvested from young girls' braids and is never processed or dyed, making it the healthiest, most natural hair extension option. It's perfect for achieving a light blonde and beautiful balanced style.



Our human hair is carefully collected from donors, ensuring that the majority of it is virgin hair that has never been permed or dyed. The cuticles are carefully kept in the same direction, making the hair incredibly silky.



Our Remy hair is collected through natural shedding and brushing techniques, then treated with acid washing to remove the cuticle. While this type of hair is still of high quality, it lacks a protective layer, making it more susceptible to dryness and tangles.



Synthetic hair is the most affordable option, but it may not provide the most authentic or natural look. It tangles and dries easily, and can create color or styling challenges when exposed to heat.

The most popular of hair we are using is virgin hair with 100% cuticle

--What is the hair cuticle?

The hair cuticle is an essential part of the hair's structure. It is the outermost layer that consists of overlapping, colorless scales made of keratin. These scales provide the hair with elasticity, water-resistance, and thickness. The cuticle acts as a protective barrier for the hair, serving as the first line of defense against damage.

The cuticle plays a crucial role in maintaining the health of the hair. It helps to prevent damage to the cortex, which is the middle layer responsible for providing strength and structure to the hair. Additionally, the cuticle helps to lock in moisture and essential nutrients, ensuring that the hair remains hydrated and nourished.

If the cuticle becomes damaged, the integrity of the hair is compromised, leading to weak and brittle strands. Therefore, it is important to take proper care of the cuticle to maintain healthy and strong hair.


What is the advantage of virgin hair ?

Ponytail Hair

100% Young Girl's Ponytail Hair
Sourced Exclusively from a Single Donor

Unadulterated Color

Unadulterated Color, Free from Ash Tones, Incredibly Soft, Silky, and Tangle-Free

Cuticle Remains Intact for a Longevity of 1-3 Years

Cuticle Remains Intact for a Longevity of 1-3 Years

Handled with Care for Optimal Health and Quality

Handled with Care for Optimal Health and Quality

Treating Processes

Treatment Processes and Ethical Sourcing

Understanding and valuing the source of our hair materials is fundamental. In the realm of hairdressing, ethical sourcing takes precedence. To uphold our commitment to transparency and dedication, we adhere to stringent guidelines throughout the global supply chain.

Our procurement team comprises seasoned professionals, each boasting 10-15 years of experience in the intricacies of receiving and dispatching hair materials. They tirelessly traverse the world throughout the year, relentlessly seeking the highest quality raw materials. Leveraging their extensive purchasing experience, they swiftly and accurately assess the hair's quality, ensuring that only the top 20% of materials are selected for Ouxun Hair.

Our dedication extends beyond the present; we choose to invest in the future.

pick hair
pick hair

Selecting the Right Raw Hair Materials

Choosing the ideal raw materials is a meticulous process. We insist on sourcing only the finest young girls' ponytails or braids, all originating from a single donor. These strands have never been subjected to any coloring, perming, or damage, ensuring the healthiest cuticle, optimal moisture content, and protein levels. Typically, these premium materials hail from the pristine mountains of southern China. Rest assured, we strictly avoid using hair from older individuals.
As living standards improve, an increasing number of young girls opt for hair dyeing and perming. Consequently, these sought-after materials have become rare and challenging to procure in large quantities.
Our raw material selection represents a mere 20% of the braided raw materials market and a modest 2% of the overall raw hair materials market. To maintain stringent quality control, all our raw materials are personally acquired by our boss, boasting an impressive 30 years of experience in this precise art of selecting raw hair materials.
Before bleaching, the first step is to remove any strands shorter than 6 inches to keep your hair proportions consistent. Once completed, the selected hairs are separated into different groups based on their texture and color levels to ensure the desired final color is achieved. Then, trim any damaged or sterile hair ends and wash the remaining hair thoroughly. Finally, perform a wet tangle test to identify any reversed hairs and make sure the hair cuticles are all facing the same direction. This ensures optimal health and appearance of your hair after the bleaching process.

Ensuring the Integrity of Cuticles Throughout Processing

To prevent damage to the hair cuticle during the treatment, it is important to follow a careful method. First soak your hair in a nutrient solution for 12 hours before using bleach. This soaking creates a protective film that protects the hair from potential damage during the bleaching process. It is also recommended to gradually remove melanin from the hair, usually taking around 7-10 days. This slow speed allows for a gentler approach that minimizes the risk of cuticle damage. Additionally, it is crucial to use only mild chemicals that do not contain any acids when bleaching your hair. This way you can deal with bleached hair directly without worrying about adverse effects. By following this slow and gentle method, you ensure that your hair cuticles remain intact throughout the treatment, thus maintaining the health and appearance of your hair.

Achieving the Perfect Dyeing Process

The foundation for the final color lies in the initial bleaching phase. After bleaching, we utilize high-quality Korean dye, allowing the new pigment molecules to replace the original melanin in the hair.

Our special, health-conscious dyes are entirely safe for the human body, offering a wide range of color options, including gray and vibrant shades for those seeking unique looks. These dyes are designed to maintain their vibrant hue even with extended use, ensuring long-lasting color that doesn't fade easily.


In our quality control department, we uphold rigorous standards for assessing the quality of raw hair, colored hair, and finished products. Our quality checks encompass:

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