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  • Embark on a journey with Ouxun Hair's direct factory wholesale, where authenticity meets excellence in our collection of genuine human hair wigs for women. We take pride in sourcing and crafting wigs that embody realism and comfort, ensuring your customers experience an immediate and stunning transformation.
  • Our expansive product range caters to diverse preferences, offering a variety of types such as medical wigs, Jewish wigs, monofilament wigs, silk-top wigs, full lace wigs, and lace front wigs. Designed for both white and black women, our wigs come in different base sizes, hair types, colors, lengths, and designs, allowing for a personalized fit tailored to individual tastes.
  • What sets Ouxun Hair apart is the freedom to style our human hair wigs just like natural hair. Whether it's perming, straightening, dyeing, or styling, our wigs offer versatility akin to natural locks. Perfect for wholesale, resale, retail, salon use, and brand expansion, our natural human hair wigs are crafted to meet the diverse and evolving needs of your clientele.
  • With Ouxun Hair, you not only gain access to a factory wholesale experience but also benefit from comprehensive services such as OEM, ODM, dropshipping, and custom human hair wig solutions. Make Ouxun Hair your trusted partner, and together, let's elevate your business to new heights, enhancing both your brand's prestige and revenue!

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What are human hair wigs, and how are they different from synthetic wigs?

Human hair wigs are crafted from real human hair, offering a natural look and feel. Unlike synthetic wigs, they can be styled, dyed, and treated like natural hair.

How can I determine the quality of human hair wigs?

Quality human hair wigs exhibit a natural texture, movement, and shine. Check for features like a realistic part and comfortable cap construction. Reviews and recommendations can also provide insights into product quality.

Can I style human hair wigs using heat tools?

Yes, human hair wigs can be styled using heat tools such as flat irons, curling irons, and blow dryers. This versatility allows you to achieve various looks, just like with your natural hair.

How long do human hair wigs last?

The lifespan of human hair wigs depends on factors like care, maintenance, and usage. With proper care, they can last up to a year or more, making them a durable and long-lasting investment.

Are human hair wigs comfortable to wear?

Yes, human hair wigs are known for their comfort. They are lightweight, breathable, and provide a natural feel, ensuring a comfortable experience for extended wear.

Can I color or dye my human hair wig?

Yes, human hair wigs can be colored or dyed to achieve the desired shade. However, it's recommended to seek professional assistance to ensure optimal results and preserve the integrity of the hair.

How do I wash and care for my human hair wig?

Follow the manufacturer's care instructions for washing and conditioning your human hair wig. Generally, it's advised to use mild, sulfate-free products and handle the wig gently to maintain its quality.

Do human hair wigs come in different styles and lengths?

Yes, human hair wigs offer a wide variety of styles, lengths, and textures to cater to diverse preferences. Whether you prefer short, long, curly, or straight hair, there are options to suit your style.

Can I participate in wholesale purchases of human hair wigs?

Yes, many suppliers offer wholesale options for human hair wigs. Contact the supplier's wholesale department for information on pricing, minimum order requirements, and other details.

Are human hair wigs suitable for individuals with medical conditions or hair loss?

Yes, human hair wigs, including medical wigs, provide a natural appearance and comfort. They are suitable for individuals experiencing hair loss due to medical conditions or treatments. Check with the supplier for specific medical wig options.

What wholesale human hair wigs do you offer at Ouxun Hair?

At Ouxun Hair, we take pride in offering a wide array of wholesale human hair wigs for women. Our extensive collection includes various types catering to diverse preferences, such as medical wigs, Jewish wigs, monofilament wigs, silk-top wigs, and lace front wigs for both white and black women.Whether you are a wholesale human hair wigs distributor, wholesaler, wig store owner, or a private hairstylist, Ouxun Hair provides an array of options at factory-direct prices. We understand the importance of meeting your clients' unique preferences and strive to keep your business competitive in the dynamic hair industry.Choose Ouxun Hair as your trusted partner, and access a range of high-quality wholesale human hair wigs that align with the latest trends and customer demands. Our commitment is to support your business growth by providing premium products at competitive prices, ensuring your clients receive the best in hair wigs.Is Ouxun Hair an original manufacturer or a vendor of human hair wigs?Ouxun Hair is an original manufacturer of human hair wigs. We take pride in producing high-quality wigs using 100% natural human hair, ensuring authenticity and excellence in every product.

What is your minimum order quantity for wholesale purchases?

Ouxun Hair has a minimum order quantity requirement for wholesale purchases. To get specific details on minimum order requirements and pricing, please reach out to our wholesale department.

What are the benefits of ordering wholesale wigs from Ouxun Hair?

Ordering wholesale wigs from Ouxun Hair comes with several benefits:Access to a diverse collection of high-quality human hair wigs;Competitive wholesale pricing for cost-effective business solutions;Customization options for specific preferences;Comprehensive support, including OEM, ODM, and dropshipping services.;Joining a partnership with a reputable and experienced human hair wig manufacturer.

How do I join Ouxun Hair's wholesale wigs program?

Joining Ouxun Hair's wholesale wigs program is easy. Contact us through WhatsApp at +8613570860974 or email us at info@ouxunhairs.com to apply for wholesale prices. Our team will guide you through the application process.

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