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  • Embark on a transformation journey with Ouxun Hair's Wholesale V Tip Hair Extensions. The V-tip strand, utilizing the original "heat applied, keratin bond" technology, stands as the epitome of versatile and durable extension attachment. When heat is applied to the keratin bond, derived from the protein found in hair, it melts and is meticulously formed and molded to seamlessly blend with your natural hair. Shaped like a rice grain, though slightly larger, the V-tip bonds exhibit remarkable longevity, lasting approximately 3 months before requiring removal and the installation of a new set of extensions. Whether you are a salon owner, wholesaler, online seller, retailer, or hairstylist, Ouxun Hair's V Tip Hair Extensions provide an unparalleled solution for a wide range of clientele.

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Q1: What are V Tip Hair Extensions?

A1: V Tip Hair Extensions by Ouxun Hair utilize the original "heat applied, keratin bond" technology. These extensions feature versatile and durable bonds that, when heat is applied, melt and are shaped to seamlessly blend with natural hair.

Q2: How are V Tip Extensions attached?

A2: The V-tip strand is attached through a heat application process, where the keratin bond is melted and manually formed to match the shape of a rice grain, albeit slightly larger. This ensures a secure and natural blend with your own hair.

Q3: How long do V Tip Bonds last?

A3: V Tip Bonds typically last for approximately 3 months. After this period, they need to be professionally removed, and a new set of extensions can be installed for continued use.

Q4: Can V Tip Hair Extensions be reused?

A4: V Tip Hair Extensions are designed for single-use. After approximately 3 months, they should be removed, and a new set can be applied for continued wear.

Q5: Are V Tip Extensions suitable for all hair types?

A5: Yes, V Tip Hair Extensions are versatile and suitable for various hair types, offering a natural and seamless integration.

Q6: Are V Tip Bonds visible in the hair?

A6: When properly applied, V Tip Bonds are discreet and blend seamlessly with natural hair, providing a subtle and natural look.

Q7: Is the application of V Tip Extensions time-consuming?

A7: The application process for V Tip Extensions may take some time as each bond is applied individually. However, the result is a secure and personalized attachment.

Q8: Can V Tip Extensions be styled like natural hair?

A8: Yes, V Tip Hair Extensions can be styled just like natural hair, allowing for versatility in achieving various looks.

Q9: How can I purchase Ouxun Hair's Wholesale V Tip Hair Extensions?

A9: For wholesale inquiries, please contact Ouxun Hair directly or connect with our authorized distributors. Visit our website or reach out to our sales team for more information.

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