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Short Description:

The Flat Silk Weft represents a streamlined version of human hair wefts. Essentially, it involves a weft sealed by a silk piece, devoid of any return short hair at the top. Typically, these Flat Silk Weft hair extensions are ultra-thin, measuring around 1mm in thickness and 10mm in width. With the Flat Silk Weft hair extension, an exceptionally thin silk piece is affixed to the top of the hair weft. If you have fine and thin hair, this extension provides an optimal solution for your needs.

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Key Features

Hair Grade: Remy Hair

Weight: 100 Grams Per Pack

Hair Material: Virgin Hair

Can it be dyed: Yes, but only to darker color.

Can it be curled: Yes

The Commonalities between Flat Silk Weft and Regular Weft

Enhanced Hair Length and Thickness:

Both provide additional length and thickness when applied to your head.

Constructed from Natural Human Hair:

Both types are crafted from genuine human hair, maintaining a natural look.

Extended Wear with Proper Care:

They can stay on your head for an extended period if worn and cared for appropriately.

Advantages of Flat Silk Weft:

Ultra-Thin Weft

The flat silk weft is notably thinner than a machine weft, ensuring comfort without a bulky feeling due to the absence of return short hair.

Customizable Width According to Head Circumference

Clients can freely cut it to any width, matching their head circumference without concerns about shedding.

Enhanced Stability During Cutting

The flat silk weft prevents hair loss during cutting, remaining stable and secure after attaching a silk piece that solidifies the weft.

Differences between Flat Silk Weft and Common Weft

Weft Edge Thickness

The weft edge of flat silk weft is 30% thinner than other common weft versions, achieving an ultra-thin profile.

Absence of Return Short Hair: 

Flat silk weft does not have short hair at the top, distinguishing it from common weft where around 0.8"-1" return short hair is present for machine wef


Why does the color of the hair extension differ from the picture?

The same color number may exhibit slight variations due to different monitor displays. Achieving an exact match is challenging.

How long is the lifespan of the extensions?

The duration of use depends on maintenance. With proper care, extensions can last up to one year.

How should I care for the extensions?

Use sulfate-free shampoo to prevent dryness. Treat them like your natural hair, and regularly apply nourishing oil, such as olive oil, to maintain shine and health.

How do I choose a suitable color?

Take advantage of our color matching service. Send product requirements and photos of your hair, and we'll respond within 24 hours.

Can I dye or color the hair?

Certainly, the hair can be colored. Darkening is easier than lightening. Avoid frequent dyeing to prevent damage. Experiment with a small amount first if unsure of the desired color.


Sew In

Part your hair.

Create a tightly braided braid.

Measure and cut the hair extensions.

Attach the ends using a needle and thread.

Clip In

Sew clips on the cut weft.

Create a horizontal part.

Clip the weft to your own hair.

Micro Weft

Create a horizontal part.

Measure and cut the weft.

Place a micro ring on the needle.

Grasp your hair and hair extensions with the hook.

Squeeze the micro ring firmly with the pliers.

Glue In

Part your hair.

Measure and cut the weft.

Apply glue on the upper edge of the weft along your natural hair closest to the scalp.

Press it until the glue is dried.

Care Instructions:

Wash your hair infrequently using a mild shampoo and conditioner designed for hair extensions, avoiding the wefted area.

Use heat styling tools sparingly, with a heat protectant spray to prevent damage.

Avoid sleeping with wet hair, and consider a satin bonnet or pillowcase to minimize tangling.

Refrain from using harsh chemicals or treatments on the extensions.

Regular maintenance with a professional stylist is crucial for extension longevity and a natural look.

Shipping & Returns:

Return Policy:

Our 7-Day Return policy allows you to wash, condition, and brush the hair to your satisfaction. Not satisfied? Send it back for a refund or exchange. [Read Our Return Policy](link to return policy).

Shipping Information:

All Ouxun Hair orders are shipped from our headquarters in Guangzhou City, China. Orders placed before 6pm PST Monday-Friday are shipped the same day. Exceptions may include shipping errors, fraudulent warnings, holidays, weekends, or technical errors. You will receive real-time tracking numbers with delivery confirmation once your order ships.

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