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V-Tip hair extensions, a popular choice in hot fusion hair extensions, feature tips crafted with high-quality Keratin from Italy, ensuring a gentle application on your hair. This method is widely utilized for applying hair extensions.V-Tips represent a category of pre-bonded extensions, offering an excellent solution for those seeking a more permanent option, particularly suitable for effortlessly adding both volume and length.

The installation process for “Y-Tip Hair Extensions” closely mirrors standard Microlink hair extensions. Initially, the stylist utilizes a tool known as a “pulling needle” to draw a small section of natural hair through the microring. Subsequently, the “Y-Tip” hair extension’s end is inserted into the micro ring, and the micro ring is securely compressed using specialized pliers to fasten the hair extension.

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  • No Glue, Heat, or Tape: Similar to other Micro Link hair extensions, "Y-Tip Hair Extensions" eliminate the need for glue, heat, or tape, minimizing potential damage to natural hair.
  • Natural Effect: The flat design of the "Y-Tip" enables the hair extension to seamlessly blend with natural hair, creating an almost imperceptible effect.
  • Adjustability: Employing micro-rings allows for easy adjustments to "Y-Tip Hair Extensions" without requiring complete removal and reinstallation.


May Take Longer to Install: The strand-by-strand installation of "Y-Tip Hair Extensions" may extend the installation time compared to some other hair extension techniques.

Expertise Required: The installation and maintenance of "Y-Tip Hair Extensions" demand specialized techniques and tools, typically necessitating an experienced stylist.

Required Regular Maintenance: Similar to all hair extensions, regular adjustments and tightening are essential for "Y-Tip Hair Extensions" to prevent loosening or falling out.

Initiate Your Wholesale Order for Y-Tip Hair Extensions

  • Explore the revolutionary era of hair extensions with Ouxun Hair's Y-tip fusion hair extensions. This cutting-edge generation of extensions offers a unique feature—reapplication multiple times without requiring re-tipping of the hair. This innovation ensures a seamless and pain-free experience for both the wearer and the stylist.
  • The ultra-light tip of these extensions lies perfectly flat with the wearer's natural hair flow and is securely attached using specially designed ultra locks crafted exclusively for Y-tip hair extensions.

Y-Tip Hair Extensions Wholesale at Ouxun Hair:

  • Quality Assurance: All our hair extensions consist of 100% premium Remy human hair sourced from a single donor. They are tangle-free, exhibit a balanced hair color, and contain no mixed strands, providing the wearer with a natural and authentic appearance.
  • Versatile Styling: The hair can be parted and styled into various forms, including the body wave showcased in the image.
  • Seamless Blend: Ouxun Hair's Y-Tip hair extensions are installed strand by strand, seamlessly blending with the wearer's natural hair. This creates the illusion of a voluminous, full head of natural hair.
  • Embark on the journey of enhancing your hair collection with the innovative and high-quality Y-Tip Hair Extensions available for wholesale at Ouxun Hair.

Care Instructions:

  • Wash your hair infrequently using a mild shampoo and conditioner designed for hair extensions, avoiding the wefted area.
  • Use heat styling tools sparingly, with a heat protectant spray to prevent damage.
  • Avoid sleeping with wet hair, and consider a satin bonnet or pillowcase to minimize tangling.
  • Refrain from using harsh chemicals or treatments on the extensions.
  • Regular maintenance with a professional stylist is crucial for extension longevity and a natural look.

Shipping & Return Policy

Return Policy:

Our 7-Day Return policy allows you to wash, condition, and brush the hair to your satisfaction. Not satisfied? Send it back for a refund or exchange. [Read Our Return Policy](link to return policy).

Shipping Information:

All Ouxun Hair orders are shipped from our headquarters in Guangzhou City, China. Orders placed before 6pm PST Monday-Friday are shipped the same day. Exceptions may include shipping errors, fraudulent warnings, holidays, weekends, or technical errors. You will receive real-time tracking numbers with delivery confirmation once your order ships.

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  • Avg. Product Life

    1-2 years

    App. Method

    Strand by Strand


    40 Strands .8 grams per strand

    Amount Needed for Full Head

    3 Packs Full Head

    Can be curled or flat-ironed


    Can be colored or texturized

    By Professional Only

    Requires Professional Application


    Lengths Available


    Hair Origin

    100 % Remy Asian European Brazilian Hair Double Drawn

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