OXLF01 Mens Frontal French Lace Hair Piece ,Forehead Natural Hairline Toupee V-Shape Full Lace Hair Systems for Receding Hairline and Hair Loss Forehead-Wholesale Hair Replacement Systems

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Introducing the OXLF01 Men’s Frontal French Lace Hair Piece, a revolutionary solution designed for those dealing with receding hairlines and hair loss in the forehead area. This V-Shape Full Lace Hair System seamlessly blends with your natural hairline, creating a remarkably natural look.

Crafted with precision and featuring a frontal French lace design, this hairpiece ensures comfort and authenticity. Ideal for wholesale hair replacement systems, the OXLF01 guarantees top-tier quality and a transformative experience. Embrace confidence and redefine your style with this exceptional frontal lace hair piece, tailor-made for individuals seeking a seamless solution to hair concerns. Trust in our commitment to excellence for a reliable and high-quality wholesale experience.

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Key Features


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Base Design

 Full French Lace

Can be cut down. Comfortable. Breathable. Natural.French Lace Mens Frontal Hairpiece for Receding Hairline V-Shape Full Lace Forehead Replacement System for Men Natural Human Hair

Base Size


Hair Material

 Indian Human Hair

Hair Length

 6 Inch Short Hair

Available Hair Colors

 Black, Brown, Blonde

Hair Density


Hair Wave

 30mm-Slight Wavy

Hair Style

 Free Style

Made Method

 Hand Tied


This full lace frontal hairline toupee for men comes with a default base size of 4cmx18cm, which can be easily cut down to a smaller size as per your preferences. The toupee boasts a high-quality French lace base, providing comfort, breathability, and invisibility. Crafted with 6-inch soft Indian human hair featuring a slight wave, the toupee is tangle-free and sheds minimally. Choose from various colors, including black, brown, and blonde, catering to your individual style. With a substantial stock of units available for immediate shipment, backed by U.S.-based customer support and a guarantee, this mens frontal hairline toupee is the perfect solution for a seamless and natural look.

Lace Base Material | Partial Hairpieces for Receding Hairline Wholesale

The breathable lace material creates a natural effect, making it the most sought-after base material on the market.

Employing the single knot technique ensures a super-natural hairline, with knots too tiny to be visible, alleviating any concerns about detection.

Super Natural Hairline | Partial Hairpieces for Receding Hairline Wholesale:

Various hair colors are available for this stock men’s frontal hairpiece.

Ouxun Hair offers customization options, tailoring any hair product to customer specifications. For specific orders, please contact us in advance to arrange production.

For stock hair systems, expect prompt delivery within 3-5 working days. Embrace the transformative power of our partial hairpieces for receding hairlines and redefine your clients' confidence effortlessly!Hair density options: 90% Light, 100% Light to Medium, 120% Medium Light to Medium, 130% Medium, following the natural distribution of real hair density.

Direct from the Factory:With over a decade of experience in selling human hair systems, we operate as a direct factory.Benefit from competitive pricing without compromising on the quality of our men's toupees, thanks to our large in-stock inventory.

Customization Support:If our existing products don't meet your specific requirements, we offer customization services.Contact us to create a personalized hair system that aligns perfectly with your preferences and needs.

Customization Option

For a personalized hairpiece, visit our custom hair system page, complete the custom form, or consult with our online experts. Our dedicated hair consultants are ready to guide you in selecting the hair system that best aligns with your desired look and lifestyle.

Shipping & Return Policy

Shipping Policy:

Shipping costs are determined by the selected shipping method, weight, destination, and the number of items in your package. Please allow 1-2 weeks for processing any online hair service or styling (including base cut and/or haircut), after which your order will be dispatched.

Return Policy: Stock Hairpieces

You have a 7-day window from the purchase date to return your untouched hairpiece for a full refund, excluding the shipping fee. A restocking charge of $15.00 or more per item will be applied if the returned item is not in its original condition and packaging. To avoid the restocking fee, ensure that we receive the hairpiece or item in the same condition as you received it. We do not accept used and washed hairpieces, and it is crucial to ensure that the net covering and molds are intact.If you have chosen a final sale hairpiece, such as a base cut, hair styling, bleached knots, perm, or any service that permanently alters the hairpiece, it can no longer be returned or exchanged.

Color Accuracy Disclaimer:

While we strive to ensure the accuracy of each color and gray percentage in our hair units, it's essential to note that the color representation on electronic devices, such as phones, tablets, and monitor screens, may vary from the actual color of the hairpiece. This discrepancy can occur due to factors such as lighting sources, digital photography, or individual color perception affecting how colors appear. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that the color you see on your screen accurately portrays the hairpiece's true color.

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  • Gross Weight


    Hair Type

    Indian Remy Hair

    Base Type

    Full French Lace

    Base Size


    Hair Length


    Hair Color (NT COLOR RING)


    #1: Jet Black

    #105: Jet Black – 5% Grey

    #110: Jet Black – 10% Grey

    #120: Jet Black – 20% Grey

    #130: Jet Black – 30% Grey

    #140: Jet Black – 40% Grey

    #160: Jet Black – 60% Grey

    #180: Jet Black – 80% Grey

    #1B: Natural Black

    #1B05: Natural Black – 5% Grey

    #1B10: Natural Black – 10% Grey

    #1B15: Natural Black – 15% Grey

    #1B20: Natural Black – 20% Grey

    #1B30: Natural Black – 30% Grey

    #1B40: Natural Black – 40% Grey

    #1B50: Natural Black – 50% Grey

    #1B60: Natural Black – 60% Grey

    #1B70H: Natural Black – 70% Human Grey

    #1B80: Natural Black – 80% Grey


    1B: Brown Black

    #1B05: Brown Black – 5% Grey

    #1B10: Brown Black – 10% Grey

    #1B15: Brown Black – 15% Grey

    #1B20: Brown Black – 20% Grey

    #1B30: Brown Black – 30% Grey

    #1B40: Brown Black – 40% Grey

    #1B50: Brown Black – 50% Grey

    #1B50H: Brown Black – 50% Human Grey

    #1B60: Brown Black – 60% Grey

    #1B70: Brown Black – 70% Grey

    #1B80: Brown Black – 80% Grey

    #1B80H: Brown Black – 80% Human Grey


    #1BASH: Ash Brown Black

    #1BASH10: Ash Brown Black – 10% Grey

    #1BASH20: Ash Brown Black – 20% Grey

    #1BASH30: Ash Brown Black – 30% Grey

    #1BASH40: Ash Brown Black – 40% Grey

    #1BASH50: Ash Brown Black – 50% Grey


    #2: Darkest Brown

    #205: Darkest Brown – 5% Grey

    #210: Darkest Brown – 10% Grey

    #215: Darkest Brown – 15% Grey

    #220: Darkest Brown – 20% Grey

    #230: Darkest Brown – 30% Grey

    #240: Darkest Brown – 40% Grey

    #250: Darkest Brown – 50% Grey

    #260: Darkest Brown – 60% Grey

    #260H: Darkest Brown – 60% Human Grey

    #270H: Darkest Brown – 70% Human Grey

    #280: Darkest Brown – 80% Grey


    #2ASH: Darkest Ash Brown

    #2ASH10: Darkest Ash Brown – 10% Grey

    #2ASH15: Darkest Ash Brown – 15% Grey

    #2ASH20: Darkest Ash Brown – 20% Grey

    #2ASH30: Darkest Ash Brown – 30% Grey

    #2ASH40: Darkest Ash Brown – 40% Grey

    #2ASH60: Darkest Ash Brown – 60% Grey


    #3: Dark Brown

    #305: Dark Brown – 5% Grey

    #310: Dark Brown – 10% Grey

    #320: Dark Brown – 20% Grey

    #330: Dark Brown – 30% Grey

    #340: Dark Brown – 40% Grey

    #350: Dark Brown – 50% Grey

    #360: Dark Brown – 60% Grey

    #370H: Dark Brown – 70% Human Grey

    #380H: Dark Brown – 80% Human Grey

    #3ASH: Dark Ash Brown

    #3ASH10: Dark Ash Brown – 10% Grey

    #3ASH30: Dark Ash Brown – 30% Grey


    #4: Medium Brown

    #405: Medium Brown – 5% Grey

    #410: Medium Brown – 10% Grey

    #415: Medium Brown – 15% Grey

    #420: Medium Brown – 20% Grey

    #430: Medium Brown – 30% Grey

    #440: Medium Brown – 40% Grey

    #450: Medium Brown – 50% Grey

    #460: Medium Brown – 60% Grey

    #470H: Medium Brown – 70% Human Grey

    #480: Medium Brown – 80% Grey

    #4ASH: Medium Ash Brown

    #4ASH10: Medium Ash Brown – 10% Grey


    #5: Medium Light Brown

    #505: Medium Light Brown – 5% Grey

    #510: Medium Light Brown – 10% Grey

    #515: Medium Light Brown – 15% Grey

    #520: Medium Light Brown – 20% Grey

    #530: Medium Light Brown – 30% Grey

    #540: Medium Light Brown – 40% Grey

    #560: Medium Light Brown – 60% Grey

    #580: Medium Light Brown – 80% Grey

    #580H: Medium Light Brown – 80% Human Grey

    #5R: Medium Light Warm Brown


    #6: Light Brown

    #605: Light Brown – 5% Grey

    #610: Light Brown – 10% Grey

    #615: Light Brown – 15% Grey

    #620: Light Brown – 20% Grey

    #630: Light Brown – 30% Grey

    #640: Light Brown – 40% Grey

    #650: Light Brown – 50% Grey

    #660: Light Brown – 60% Grey

    #6R: Light Warm Brown


    #7: Very Light Brown

    #705: Very Light Brown – 5% Grey

    #710: Very Light Brown – 10% Grey

    #720: Very Light Brown – 20% Grey

    #730: Very Light Brown – 30% Grey

    #740: Very Light Brown – 40% Grey

    #760: Very Light Brown – 60% Grey

    #770H: Very Light Brown – 70% Human Grey

    #780: Very Light Brown – 80% Grey

    #8R: Warm Brown Blonde


    #17: Dark Ash Blonde

    #1710: Dark Ash Blonde – 10% Grey

    #1720: Dark Ash Blonde – 20% Grey

    #1730: Dark Ash Blonde – 30% Grey

    #1740: Dark Ash Blonde – 40% Grey

    #1760: Dark Ash Blonde – 60% Grey

    #1780: Dark Ash Blonde – 80% Grey

    #18: Medium Blonde

    #1810: Medium Blonde – 10% Grey

    #1820: Medium Blonde – 20% Grey

    #1840: Medium Blonde – 40% Grey

    #20: Light Ash Blonde

    #2010: Light Ash Blonde – 10% Grey

    #2020: Light Ash Blonde – 20% Grey

    #20R: Light Warm Blonde

    #22R: Very Light Warm Blonde

    #30R: Copper Blonde


    #59H: #17 – 90% Human Grey

    #60: 100% White Synthetic Grey Kanekalon

    #60H: 100% White Human Grey



    #1BHL20: #1B – Highlight #20

    #2HL22: #2 – Highlight #22

    #4HL20: #4 – Highlight #20

    #4R59: Medium Brown Rooted – Close to Grey White Hair

    Curl & Wave




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