22inch Full Cuticle single donor European Virgin Hair Straight Double Drawn Hand-Tied Weft Bundles

Short Description:

Experience seamless length and enduring styles with Ouxun Hair’s hand-tied weft hair extensions for sew-in applications. These 100% remy human hair extensions, requiring no remover, are meticulously hand-stitched. This individual stitching not only imparts strength but also prevents shedding and minimizes bulk. The ultimate outcome is effortlessly beautiful blending!

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  • 100% Professional Grade Virgin Remy Human Hair
  • Double Drawn with Thick Ends
  • Lifespan of up to 12 months with proper care
  • 10-34" Length
  • 1mm Seam Thickness
  • 55-60cm Width
  • Suitable for medium to thick hair
  • Ideal for adding volume, experimenting with non-committal colors & achieving desired length
  • Reusable, tailored for a perfect fit, and completely undetectable
  • Package Content:

Each pack contains: 1 piece, 50g per pack

  • Quantity Guide:

1 pack = 50g/1 piece: Half Head - Ideal for adding thickness to fine hair

2 packs = 100g/2 pieces: Full Head - Suitable for adding thickness and length to fine hair

3 packs = 150g/3 pieces: Full Head + Half - Recommended for medium-thick hair, providing both thickness and length

4 packs = 200g/4 pieces: 2x Full Head - Perfect for thick hair, adding both thickness and length

  • 100% Human Hair Excellence:

Every Ouxun Hair Hair extension is crafted from 100% Human Hair (Remy/Cuticle Intact), undergoing gentle color treatments for an effortlessly natural appearance.

  • Seamless Blending Expertise:

Ouxun Hair Hair's Hand Tied Weft hair extensions are skillfully sewn onto a silicone bead track, ensuring a flawless blend. This lightweight and flexible method not only achieves a seamless look but also prioritizes your clients' comfort.

  • Efficient Extension Application:

Installing hand-tied weft hair extensions is a swift process, taking as little as one and a half hours, offering a time-efficient and cost-effective service.

  • Budget-Friendly Luxury:

Designed in wefts, Ouxun Hair Hair Hand Tied Weft extensions provide the most hair per package among all our methods. Typically, a full head installation requires only 1-2 packs of hair (while thicker hair may require 3 packs), making it an affordable and luxurious choice.

Double Drawn Hand-Tied Weft Bundles  (2)
Double Drawn Hand-Tied Weft Bundles  (9)
Double Drawn Hand-Tied Weft Bundles  (3)
Double Drawn Hand-Tied Weft Bundles  (6)
Double Drawn Hand-Tied Weft Bundles  (4)
Double Drawn Hand-Tied Weft Bundles  (11)
Double Drawn Hand-Tied Weft Bundles  (5)
Double Drawn Hand-Tied Weft Bundles  (10)
Double Drawn Hand-Tied Weft Bundles  (7)
Double Drawn Hand-Tied Weft Bundles  (14)

How To Install & Care For

Installation Steps:

  • Section hair. Create a clean section where your weft will be placed.
  • Create a foundation. Choose your preferred foundation method; for instance, we use a beaded method here.
  • Measure the weft. Align the machine weft with the foundation to measure and determine where to cut the weft.
  • Sew to the foundation. Attach the weft to the hair by sewing it to the foundation.
  • Admire the result. Enjoy your undetectable and seamless weft effortlessly blended with your hair.

Care Instructions:

  • Wash your hair infrequently using a mild shampoo and conditioner designed for hair extensions, avoiding the wefted area.
  • Use heat styling tools sparingly, with a heat protectant spray to prevent damage.
  • Avoid sleeping with wet hair, and consider a satin bonnet or pillowcase to minimize tangling.
  • Refrain from using harsh chemicals or treatments on the extensions.
  • Regular maintenance with a professional stylist is crucial for extension longevity and a natural look.

Shipping & Return Policy

Return Policy:

Our 7-Day Return policy allows you to wash, condition, and brush the hair to your satisfaction. Not satisfied? Send it back for a refund or exchange. [Read Our Return Policy](link to return policy).

Shipping Information:

All Ouxun Hair orders are shipped from our headquarters in Guangzhou City, China. Orders placed before 6pm PST Monday-Friday are shipped the same day. Exceptions may include shipping errors, fraudulent warnings, holidays, weekends, or technical errors. You will receive real-time tracking numbers with delivery confirmation once your order ships.

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