OXTL20 Q6 Women Hair Topper 8*10inch Base Size #3 Dark Brown 18inch Raw Virgin Human Hair Bleached Knots Swiss Lace Women Hair Toupee, Polyskin Side and Back For Hair Loss- Top Wig Manufacturers

Short Description:

Product: Women Toppers

Hair Materials: Remy Hair

Texture: Straight

Q6 Base Size: 8×10 inches

Introducing our exquisite Women Toppers featuring premium Remy hair for a luxurious and natural appearance. The straight texture adds versatility to your styling options, allowing you to achieve a sleek and polished look effortlessly.

The Q6 Base, measuring 8×10 inches, defines sophistication with its combination of lace and thin skin PU sides and back. This meticulously crafted base ensures a seamless and realistic integration with your natural hair, enhancing your overall aesthetic.

Lace and Thin Skin PU Construction: The Q6 base is uniquely designed with lace for a natural front hairline and thin skin PU sides and back. This construction not only enhances the topper’s durability but also ensures a realistic and undetectable finish.

Natural and Realistic Appearance: Our Women Toppers are crafted to provide a look that is both natural and realistic. The Remy hair adds authenticity, blending seamlessly with your own hair for a flawless and integrated finish.

Top-of-the-Head Placement: Specifically designed for top-of-the-head placement, these toppers offer an elegant solution for women dealing with hair thinning or seeking added volume. The secure placement ensures a confident wear throughout the day.

Adhesive Application: The topper is easily secured in place with adhesive applied around the hairline. This method guarantees a secure fit, allowing for freedom of movement without compromising on the topper’s stability.

Easy Removal and Replacement: Designed for convenience, the Women Toppers can be effortlessly removed and replaced as needed. This flexibility ensures adaptability to your evolving style preferences and allows for easy maintenance.

Explore the world of confidence and style with our Women Toppers, where premium Remy hair meets sophisticated construction. Elevate your look with the natural and realistic finish of these toppers, providing you with a seamless solution to hair thinning and enhancing your overall beauty.

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How to Apply a Topper Hair

  • Step 1: Clearly Identify Anterior-Posterior Direction

  • Begin by clearly identifying the anterior-posterior direction. Detangle the hair with a wig comb, ensuring a smooth and even application. Open all clips located on the underside of the topper for ease of placement.
  • Step 2: Position the Topper
  • Place the front edge of the topper approximately 1-2 inches from the front of your hairline, ensuring it aligns over the area of hair loss. Secure the front clip in place to anchor the topper securely.
  • Step 3: Secure the Back Clip
  • Apply light pressure over the top of the hairpiece and run your fingers along the length of the base to secure the back clip. Ensure a snug fit to prevent any shifting throughout the day.
  • Step 4: Style and Blend
  • Once secured, feel free to style and blend the hair as desired. Whether you prefer a sleek look or added volume, the topper offers versatility for seamless integration with your natural hair.
  • Follow these steps for a comfortable and secure application of your topper hair, achieving a natural and confident look effortlessly.

Custom Info

  • Welcome to our established wig factory, with years of expertise in the industry. We take pride in offering an extensive range of customization options, with over 100 types of base customization available. Additionally, we can tailor our products according to specific pictures or references you provide, ensuring your vision is brought to life.If you're already familiar with the customization process, click on "Live Chat" to connect with our team and discuss your preferences in real-time. For those unsure about the services we offer, click on "Learn More" to explore the details of our customization options.

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  • Lace hair toppers have garnered popularity for several compelling reasons. Firstly, the lace material imparts an exceptionally natural and realistic appearance, enhanced further by its lighter hair density, contributing to an authentically natural look.
  • The breathability of lace is another standout feature, ensuring a comfortable wear that doesn't make you feel excessively hot. This quality makes lace toppers an excellent choice for those residing in hot, humid climates or individuals leading active lifestyles, including regular exercise routines. Additionally, the versatility of lace toppers allows for virtually limitless styling options, letting you tailor your look in any desired direction.However, it's essential to note that lace toppers may not match the durability of monofilament toppers. Therefore, if durability ranks high on your list of preferences, a lace topper may not be the optimal choice for you.

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For a personalized hairpiece, visit our custom hair system page, complete the custom form, or consult with our online experts. Our dedicated hair consultants are ready to guide you in selecting the hair system that best aligns with your desired look and lifestyle.

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Key Features

Gross Weight N/A
Hair Type Virgin Hair  
Base Type Lace Hair Topper
Base Size 8X10 inch
Hair Length 18
Hair Color (NT COLOR RING) #3 Dark Brown or Custom
Curl & Wave Straight  
Density 130%

Shipping & Return Policy

Shipping Policy:

Shipping costs are determined by the selected shipping method, weight, destination, and the number of items in your package. Please allow 1-2 weeks for processing any online hair service or styling (including base cut and/or haircut), after which your order will be dispatched.

More details:

Return Policy: Stock Hairpieces

You have a 7-day window from the purchase date to return your untouched hairpiece for a full refund, excluding the shipping fee. A restocking charge of $15.00 or more per item will be applied if the returned item is not in its original condition and packaging. To avoid the restocking fee, ensure that we receive the hairpiece or item in the same condition as you received it. We do not accept used and washed hairpieces, and it is crucial to ensure that the net covering and molds are intact.If you have chosen a final sale hairpiece, such as a base cut, hair styling, bleached knots, perm, or any service that permanently alters the hairpiece, it can no longer be returned or exchanged.

More details:

Color Accuracy Disclaimer:

While we strive to ensure the accuracy of each color and gray percentage in our hair units, it's essential to note that the color representation on electronic devices, such as phones, tablets, and monitor screens, may vary from the actual color of the hairpiece. This discrepancy can occur due to factors such as lighting sources, digital photography, or individual color perception affecting how colors appear. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that the color you see on your screen accurately portrays the hairpiece's true color.


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